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On-Demand Doctor 8.0.1 – Appointment Booking SaaS Marketplace Business Model

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On-Demand Doctor is on demand appointment booking SaaS marketplace business model.

Preview Doctor PHP Scripts

Features Doctor PHP Scripts

  • Rich Dashboard
  • View Appointments
  • Add new Treatments
  • Add new Category
  • Add new Expertise
  • Add new Medicines
  • Add new Hospital
  • Add new Doctor
  • Add new Pharmacy
  • Add new Patients
  • Add Blog
  • add/edit/delete subscriptions
  • View subscription history
  • Add/remove offers
  • Add new Notification Template
  • Add new roles and permission
  • Add new Languages
  • View user and a doctor report
  • Setting Panel
  • Edit profile
  • Rich Dashboard
  • View appointments
  • Add/delete patients
  • View commission details
  • View reviews
  • Schedule timings
  • Edit profile
  • View doctors
  • Select Doctor
  • View pharmacy
  • View available offers
  • View blogs
  • Add to cart
  • Patient address
  • Add to favorites
  • Profile settings
  • Change password

Free On-Demand Doctor Appointment Booking

Note: Please scan virus or malware before using. If you are having trouble, please contact us. On-Demand Doctor – Appointment Booking SaaS Marketplace Business Model are for testing and evaluation purposes, not for commercial use. If you want to use a script in production, Buy it. 

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