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Solid Affiliate 2.0.0 – Affiliate Plugin for WordPress

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Solid Affiliate plugin for WooCommerce to launch your program from the comfort of your WordPress dashboard.

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Features Solid Affiliate WordPress Plugin

  • Application approval
    Affiliate registrations are set to pending until they’re approved by an admin, ensuring high-quality affiliates.
  • Affiliate portal
    Beautifully integrated portal for each affiliate to manage referrals, marketing assets, and payments.
  • Affiliate links
    Affiliates can generate their own referral links from the Affiliate Portal with the built-in referral link generator.
  • Affiliate coupons
    Link your WooCommerce coupons to Affiliates so that whenever a coupon is redeemed, the corresponding Affiliate gets rewarded the commission.
  • Drag-and-drop form builder
    Solid Affiliate ships with a form builder to customize affiliate registration form to fit your needs.
  • Shareable creatives
    Easily share marketing assets with affiliates, like banner ads and promotional videos.
  • Customizable emails
    Automated notification emails for affiliate signups, welcome emails and new referrals are fully configurable.
  • Affiliate user role
    All WordPress users who register to be an affiliate will be assigned an affiliate user role to support and automate user-level permissions.
  • Flexible commission rates
    Solid Affiliate supports both simple and complex commission rates, including per-product and per-affiliate rates.
  • Commission overrides
    Fine-grained control over your commission rates with an advanced overrides structure.
  • Lifetime commissions
    Link a customer to an affiliate so that the affiliate receives commissions on all future purchases by the customer to who they originally referred.
  • Recurring referrals
    Calculate affiliate commissions anytime a subscription payment is made on a membership that was referred by an active affiliate.
  • Auto-referrals
    Reward an Affiliate for promoting and selling a specific product regardless of how the customers were referred to your site, such as a revenue split agreement.
  • Exclusions
    Disable commission on specific products; and exclude tax and/or shipping costs from referral calculations.
  • Multi-item orders
    Mix and match your commission rates freely, everything will be properly calculated and tracked for each item in the same order.
  • Refund protection
    Solid Affiliate will protect you and your affiliates from refund debacles: paying commission on purchases that get refunded later.
  • Automatic payouts
    Solid Affiliate comes with a PayPal integration built-in. Connect your PayPal Business account and automate payouts.​
  • Manual payouts
    Export a CSV of commission data ready and pre-formatted for import to any accounting or payments platform.
  • Store credit
    Allow affiliates to be paid their commissions in store credit and then redeem their store credit during WooCommerce checkout.
  • Real-time reporting
    Data within Solid Affiliate gets updated in real-time. The second something happens, you’ll know.
  • Advanced filters
    Solid Affiliate gives you both high-level overviews and details. Filter down by affiliate, date range, referral and more.
  • Intuitive charts
    Visualize trends in your affiliate program so you can see what’s working and what needs attention.
  • Historical records
    Payout history is available within the pay affiliate tool. You can export transaction details at any time.

Free Solid Affiliate WordPress Plugin

Note: Please scan virus or malware before using. If you are having trouble, please contact us. Solid Affiliate – Affiliate Plugin for WordPress are for testing and evaluation purposes, not for commercial use. If you want to use a script in production, Buy it. 

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