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WooCommerce WhatsApp Order 3.1.0 – Receive Orders using WhatsApp – WooCommerce Plugin

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WooCommerce WhatsApp Order – Receive Orders using WhatsApp possess all the great tools which are not provided by any other WooCommerce Whatsapp Order plugin. You can choose to allow users based on country, role and user type (registered users/guests) to order on WhatsApp also you can allow WhatsApp orders on specific products or product categories.

Preview WooCommerce WhatsApp Order Plugin

Features WooCommerce WhatsApp Order Plugin

  • Add WhatsApp order button on selected products or categories.
  • Allow registered users, guests or both WhatsApp order.
  • Enable WhatsApp order to specific countries only or for customers of any Country.
  • Enable WhatsApp order for specific user roles or all users.
  • Make different rules sets for different products and categories.
  • Make use of our amazing form builder to create forms which you can add to any rule and collect any sort of information you want from the customer along with the order.
  • Set a rule to allow customer to order a product individually and instantly or set it to allow customer to add multiple products to WhatsApp cart and subsequently submit order through WhatsApp.
  • You can also see and keep track of the order request in admin dashboard as well where all the WhatsApp order requests are stored.
  • If you have kept an email field in the form then you can email customer by visiting his/her order request in admin dashboard and just clicking his/her email address.
  • Another great feature which this plugin provides you is the general inquiry feature using which customers can ask you anything.

Free WooCommerce WhatsApp Order Plugin

Note: Please scan virus or malware before using. If you are having trouble, please contact us. WooCommerce WhatsApp Order – Receive Orders using WhatsApp – WooCommerce Plugin are for testing and evaluation purposes, not for commercial use. If you want to use a script in production, Buy it. 

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