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FlowMattic 4.2.2 – Workflow Automation Plugin

flowmattic 4 2 2 workflow automation plugin

FlowMattic is a must-have automation plugin for WordPress. It acts like a bridge between your favourite apps through your WordPress site.

  • Unlimited Workflows
  • Unlimited Task Executions
  • Load Only Useful Applications
  • Powerful Webhooks
  • Custom Action Trigger
  • Schedule Workflows
  • Dynamic Data Mapping
  • Filters To The Rescue
  • Powerful API Module
  • Task History
  • Delay Module
  • Failed Tasks Notification
  • Iterator Module
  • Email Module
  • PHP Functions Module
  • PHP Array Module
  • Email Parser
  • User Based Workflows
  • Conditionally Execute Action Steps
  • Routers Module
  • Plugin Actions Module
  • Search the Task History
  • Re-execution of Workflows
  • Authenticate Incoming Webhooks
  • Custom Response for Webhook App
  • One Click Workflow Clone
  • Step Description or Notes
  • Schedule Workflows Every x Minutes
  • Autosave Workflows Feature
  • Install/Uninstall Integrations
  • Counter Module
  • Iterator Storage
  • Date/Time Formatter
  • Text Formatter
  • CSV Parser Module
  • Webpage Parser

Note: Please scan virus or malware before using. If you are having trouble, please contact us. FlowMattic – Workflow Automation Plugin are for testing and evaluation purposes, not for commercial use. If you want to use a script in production, Buy it. 


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