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Fluent Boards Pro 1.20 – Project Management Plugin for WordPress

fluent boards pro 1 20 project management plugin for wordpress

Gain complete control over your projects with Fluent Boards Pro, the simplest solution specifically crafted for WordPress. Get it now and see for yourself.

  • Unlimited Projects
    Manage countless projects with complete freedom, without any limitations or worries about expenses!
  • Multiple Tasks & Subtasks
    Add unlimited tasks, split them into bite-sized subtasks, and make every project a walk in the park!
  • Infinite Assignees
    Get your entire team on board and supercharge your workflow for maximum efficiency!
  • Multi-stage Workflow
    Slice your projects into stages, unveiling each step for a clearer and more transparent workflow!
  • CRM Contact
    Grant your team instant access to client info, ensuring successful client-centric task execution!
  • Drag-and-Drop Interface
    Move cards effortlessly between stages, ensuring your board stays organized and up-to-date!
  • Easy Migration
    Quickly transfer your projects from Trello or Asana to FluentBoards with its easy Import options!
  • Template Creation
    Turn your favorite board or card into templates and add them anywhere, cutting down on operation time!
  • Frontend Portal
    Share your boards anywhere using dynamic shortcodes and manage your projects with ease!
  • Kanban View
    Simplify multi-stage workflows with a powerful Kanban view, ensuring smooth progress from beginning to end!
  • Table View
    Gain detailed insights on your tasks in a structured tabular format where clarity meets control!
  • Smart Switching
    Easily switch between Kanban and Table View and enjoy the freedom to choose the most suitable approach!
  • Colorful Labels and Tags
    Paint tasks with color-coded labels, establishing your custom virtual sticky note system for better sorting!
  • Background Customization
    Tailor your dashboard with solid colors, gradients, or images to eliminate monotony and unleash fun!
  • Customizable Covers
    Dress your tasks in intuitive colors, giving your dashboard a cooler look and improving scanability!
  • Due Date
    Assign deadlines to each task by specifying dates and times, eliminating deadline misses and ensuring timely execution!
  • Priority Management
    Set task priorities as low, medium, or high, ensuring assignees understand the importance of each task!
  • Time Tracker
    Bring transparency and accountability to your work process, where every minute of effort counts!
  • Detailed Reporting
    Access every detail of your ongoing projects and team contributions on one page, ensuring nothing is overlooked!
  • Advanced Filtering
    Analyze tasks from all angles to gain project status insights, spot bottlenecks, and propel your team to success!
  • Quick Search
    Get any information you need, take action, and keep project details visible, making project completion effortless!
  • Personalized Dashboard
    With a dedicated dashboard, you can quickly glance at all your upcoming, due, and high-priority tasks!
  • Real-time communication
    Use comments to communicate and share resources, boosting coordination and informed decision-making!
  • Email Notifications
    Keep yourself and your team members in the loop with timely emails, leaving no room for oversights!
  • Unlimited File Sharing
    Enhance communication by sharing unlimited files and resources, ensuring it’s both effective and precise
  • Seamless Client Onboarding
    Add your clients directly to your projects and tasks, ensuring your team members can easily communicate if needed!

Note: Please scan virus or malware before using. If you are having trouble, please contact us. Fluent Boards Pro – Project Management Plugin for WordPress are for testing and evaluation purposes, not for commercial use. If you want to use a script in production, Buy it. 


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